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Start de-cluttering and throw away, donate, or sell the stuff you won't need at your new place. Freegle is a great site that can help you.

If you are currently renting, notify your Landlord, using the proper notice. Otherwise, your tenancy may not end legally. Check your tenancy agreement for details and information about your deposit protection.

Check out your new area before purchasing your new property. Check out for any local newspapers, blogs, or community websites. Start ordering and collecting boxes. Notify your land phone provider for the change. Tell them at least a month in advance if you are cancelling. Notify your internet provider for the same reasons.

2 Weeks Before Move

2 Weeks before your move

Change your address with all companies, especially for your banks
Inform the council of your move so you stay up to date on electoral registration
Sort out your mobile phone, registering it to your new address
If you have kids, inform their school of the move, let any new schools know too
Tell your doctor and dentist of your move, even if you’re still in the area
Book your pets into kennels ahead of time if you think they’ll benefit

1 Week Before Move

1 Week before your move

Pack all your non-essentials, including clothes not needed immediately
Arrange for the forwarding of your post with Royal Mail
Inform any local services, such as milkmen and newspaper deliveries, of your move
Give out address cards for family and friends with your new details
Finalise and check over your arrangements with your removals company
Check and arrange a time for the collection of the keys to your new property
Sort out moving your TV license, changing your address to avoid being fined
Give electric and gas companies final notice, potentially transferring their service
Return borrowed items, including library books, to avoid fees
Tell your removals company about what furniture you need to move if you haven’t yet

3 Days Before Move

3 Days before your move

Do the laundry for the next week
Label any spare keys to your old home and leave them at an easy to spot place
Make a box of essential first day items - Toilet paper, Cutlery, Light bulbs, First aid kit, Toiletries
Make a list of contact details about the people and services you will be needing in the first days
Contact your existing and new electricity companies, advise them of your new address and date of removal. Give at least 48 hours notice
At least 48 hours notice is required by both your existing and your new authority to arrange for disconnection and re-connection of water supply
Measure dorrways, stairways and elevators at the new place to make sure all your furniture will fit. Measure twice - move once
Prepare your jewellery, importanat documents and items with value to you so you don't lose them in the packing chaos
Makre sure everything is organised for the packing day

2 Days Before Move

2 Days before your move

Contact your estate agent/landlord to confirm when you will get the keys to the new place if you still don't have them
Pack your documnets and valuables and put them aside. You don't want them to be lost in a random moving box
Disconnect any gas cookers, dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances you are taking with you
Prepare cash for the movers, food and other last minute items
Check your cupboards and throw away any food with an expired date
Make sure every packet, jar and bottle is packed tightly
Tech savy or not, take photos of how exactly your electronics are wired. It will save you alot of time when you connect them back

Moving day is almost here. Start packing your belongings in the boxes you have acquired. It will be a long and exhausting day. Stay calm and go accordingly to the checklist. Make sure everything is packed in the right place.

1 Day Before Move

1 Day before your move

Empty and defrost your fridge/freezer
Pack everything that you still haven't, without the most essential items in the kitchen and bathroom
- Why not order our Packing Service - We will provide all the boxes and other packing materials needed
Put all your hardware in labelled baggies for easy furniture reassembly
Use colour coded stickers to label each box accordingly to the room they belong
Mark moving boxes that are fragile!
Do a final check out. Go through all the drawers, closets, cabinets and the garage. Make sure nothing is forgotten
Charge your phone!
Prepare a snack box for the next day with dry food and refreshments
Have a good nights sleep!

Moving Day

Moving Day!

Show the removal team which boxes they should transport
Leave your children and/or pets at the scheduled venues
Do one final cleaning at the place
Make a note of all meter readings
Make sure all windows and doors are locked and secured
Take photos as you are leaving the property to serve as proof to its move-out condition
Make another final check ont he whole property including the garden
Pack the last minute items from the bathroom like toothbrushes, perfumes, hair conditioners etc.
Place you last night sleepwear on top of the "Bedroom" box

This is the big day. Make sure to get out of bed early, have a coffee and a full breakfast. Greet the removal men and explain to them in detail how you want things done. Give them a helping hand if you can, they will appreciate it and the moving process will be alot smoother.


  • Contact companies to notify of your change of address and/or cancel any subscriptions
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electric
  • TV License
  • Sky, Netflix or similar
  • Council
  • Telephone, Broadband
  • Home Insurance
  • Mortgage / Rent
  • Car Insurance
  • Driving License
  • Contact GP and arrange in new area
  • Any other utility bills


  • Depending on your situation you may need to:
  • Hire a baby sitter for the day
  • Service your car if you are moving far away
  • Arrange for pets to be looked after

Dont Forget To

  • Empty your freezer leading up to the day
  • Notify newspaper company (if applicable)
  • Notify milkman (if applicable)
  • Send school records to new school
  • Request time off work
  • Do laundry for the next week
  • Allocate keys in a 'easy to spot' place
  • Book storage unit if needed
  • Box of essentials (toilet paper, lightbulbs, toiletries)
  • List of contacts for first day arrival
  • Measure doorways, stairs, elevators in new place to make sure furniture will fit


  • We Move Homes can help
  • We can pack your items for you
  • We have female packers for personal items
  • We securely protect your items
  • We can unpack your items in your new home


There are no hidden fees, the price we quote is the price we charge! we are very competative with our prices to offer you the cheapest possible.


We Move Homes hold a full license to operate the vehicles to move your valuables to your new location. We only employ permanent staff rather than day labourers.


We Move Homes offer a Packing and Un-Packing service for your move, saving you on the back breaking work, let us handle this for you.