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We Move Homes have years of experience when it comes to your move.

We make the process as easy as possible and stress free. Let us handle all of the hard parts whilst you enjoy your new move.
 We are commited to our customers which is why we not only pride ourself on our expertise when moving your home or business, but we have all the right tools to carefully dismantle any items needed.


Contact us using our contact form. We will get back to you shortly once you have submitted your enquiry.


We will give you our best quote possible for your move and discuss when you would like your move to commence.


We will draw up a 'Loading Plan' to ensure the security of your belongings. On the day we will load up our van or lorry ready for your journey to begin.


Sit back and relax as we carefully move and un-load your belongings, setting you up in your new location.


There are no hidden fees, the price we quote is the price we charge! we are very competative with our prices to offer you the cheapest possible.


We Move Homes hold a full license to operate the vehicles to move your valuables to your new location. We only employ permanent staff rather than day labourers.


We Move Homes offer a Packing and Un-Packing service for your move, saving you on the back breaking work, let us handle this for you.