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Storage Solutions

We Move Homes offer a storage solution to suit your needs. We use local companies in your area with affordable prices.

We will collect your items from your home, take them to a storage close to your property or new location and store them for when you are ready.

Once you are ready for your items, we will then collect them from your storage unit and deliver them right to your door.

  • Local to you
  • Access your storage locally
  • Storage company will be the closest to your location
  • Storage company will be the cheapest to your location
  • We will find the storage for you
  • We will take your items to the storage
  • You have full access to your storage unit and your belongings
  • We will then re-deliver to you once you are ready

We can find companies for you that offer 8 weeks half price on all size storage units, we will always aim to find the best possible deals for you.


There are no hidden fees, the price we quote is the price we charge! we are very competative with our prices to offer you the cheapest possible.


We Move Homes hold a full license to operate the vehicles to move your valuables to your new location. We only employ permanent staff rather than day labourers.


We Move Homes offer a Packing and Un-Packing service for your move, saving you on the back breaking work, let us handle this for you.