Moving Checklist – Details and Transfer

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  • Contact companies to notify of your change of address and/or cancel any subscriptions
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electric
  • TV License
  • Sky, Netflix or similar
  • Council
  • Telephone, Broadband
  • Home Insurance
  • Mortgage / Rent
  • Car Insurance
  • Driving License
  • Contact GP and arrange in new area
  • Any other utility bills


  • Depending on your situation you may need to:
  • Hire a baby sitter for the day
  • Service your car if you are moving far away
  • Arrange for pets to be looked after


  • Empty your freezer leading up to the day
  • Notify newspaper company (if applicable)
  • Notify milkman (if applicable)
  • Send school records to new school
  • Request time off work
  • Do laundry for the next week
  • Allocate keys in a ‘easy to spot’ place
  • Book storage unit if needed
  • Box of essentials (toilet paper, lightbulbs, toiletries)
  • List of contacts for first day arrival
  • Measure doorways, stairs, elevators in new place to make sure furniture will fit


  • We Move Homes can help
  • We can pack your items for you
  • We have female packers for personal items
  • We securely protect your items
  • We can unpack your items in your new home


About We Move Homes

We are a professional Home and Business Moving Company covering all of the UK and EU with facilities for: Storage, Full or Part Packing, Un-packing, Dismantle and Re-assemble Services, Out of tenancy cleaning, Man and Van Services and International Moves. 

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