Wardrobe cartons for clothing if going into storage, vinyl tape, boxes, tissues, bubble wrap, mattress covers, sofa covers can all be purchased to help protect your items.


It may not be necessary to empty chests and dressing tables drawers if the furniture is strong enough to be moved with its contents.


We advise all breakable items should be wrapped separately in paper, plates should be wrapped in stacks of six with a sheet of paper between each plate. Handles, spouts, lids etc. should have extra padding. Please label all Fragile boxes so our movers can take extra care not to overload when stacking.


Should be wrapped and packed upright.


Please make sure all electronic equipment wires are wrapped up and colour coded if need be.


Self assembly furniture must be dismantled before the day of your removal as it is not designated to be moved assembled.


All items must be brought down from the loft ready for removal. Due to health and safety, We Move Homes will not enter your loft.

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Packing Instructions

Here's a little help from We Move Homes to help you with your packing

– Use strong doubled walled boxes. 
– Use plenty of bubble wrap for fragile items, pictures, ornaments, mirrors, china, glass and any mirrored furniture. 
– Please label all boxes for correct rooms and ensure they are closed securely for transport. 
– Please label half loaded boxes with ‘Do Not Stack’. This ensures our movers to not overload boxes ontop causing it to collapse. 
– Please use Room Label Tags on all boxes, suitcases and bags so our movers know which room to unload or place your items. 

For any new furniture or items that have recently been purchased, please ensure you have securely wrapped and protected your item/s ready for transport. We Move Homes is not responsible for any damage that may incure whilst in transport due to insufficient protection. We Move Homes will add blankets to cover your items as standard but unless a packing serivce is purchased through We Move Homes, we will not add further protection to your items unless agreed prior to your moving day. Please contact us prior to your move to notify us if you require extra protection. 

Any dismantled items must be dismantled prior to your move.


See our checklists below for help with your move