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provide dismantle and re-assemble services for all home moves at competitive prices

Here at We Move Homes, our team of professional removals experts are experienced in moving bulky and cumbersome furniture. Prior to moving day, your personal removal evaluator will pay you a visit to discuss your needs and assess any items of furniture that may need special attention. He will then discuss the options that are open to you, such as dismantling or removing doors from hinges, and provide a detailed report of your situation to the removals team leader.


All types of beds, bunkbeds, specialist beds, all types of wardrobes, glass, sliding door, custom made units, all table legs, display units, sofa legs, disconnect washing machines, fridges, dishwashers, tumble dryers but we do not re-connect these appliances. Dismantle garden furniture, swings, playhouses, play areas but we do not dismantle sheds. 

Some furniture can be dismantled and moved in parts, while other furniture, such as sofas, may need a bit more planning and preparation in order to be moved. Obviously this requires careful planning and forward thinking, but when it comes to helping you move house, no problem is too big or too small for the We Move Homes team.